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Military bases

Abdourahman Boreh speakingThe foreign bases in Djibouti provide benefits to the country:

  1. They generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year for the government.
  2. They provide security for the nation, because there are troops and technicians from five countries and from EU forces, on its territory.
  3. In addition, the naval facilities provide a defence against piracy. Piracy threatens Djibouti’s port-based and trade-based economy.
  4. The foreign bases bring OECD countries into Djibouti for the long term, which can help promote donor aid & anti-poverty programmes, human rights, democracy and public service provision.

These are four good reasons to keep the bases in Djibouti, and ensure they are able to do their work efficiently.

However, there are risks that Djibouti must be wary of, and that the Government of Djibouti must take steps to mitigate. The benefits of foreign bases are never ‘a free ride’. With the benefits go responsibilities.

Poverty, and anger at the government within Djibouti, need to be addressed so that resentment does not build up, and so the money they bring in is not seen as a ‘bad thing’. Using government funds to improve the conditions for the poor is essential in ensuring that the local unrest does not develop and get out of hand. Those with bases have a mutual relationship with the people of the country in which they are based. The government and the Presidency should take active steps on this front. A new President needs to address this and give greater security and ease of operation for the foreign bases.

Keeping the economy healthy, growing and ‘pluralistic’ with lots of foreign investment is a key part of this, so that many countries have a stake in Djibouti’s stability. This is in stark contrast with the policy of the current regime, which has led to soured relations with investors, and bitter disputes between the Presidency and investors from France, the UK and Dubai.

Abdourahman Boreh meeting US militaryRelations with neighbouring countries are especially important – it is vital that the Djibouti government does not give reason to other countries in the region to express their dissatisfaction by attempting to disrupt locations in Djibouti, or by encouraging others to disrupt or attack key locations. Good economic and political relations are essential – and an ongoing dialogue to understand each other’s concerns and differences and address them in a civilised manner. In Djibouti, historic tensions with Eritrea, Ethiopia, and the different regions of Somalia need constant attention. Good relations with neighbours are essential, and this requires proactive steps and a well-managed Foreign Ministry.. A new President should ensure that good relations with neighbours contribute to improved security, not increase security threats.

It is also essential that Djibouti does not encourage (or allow through neglect) the growth of radical groups or international terror organisations on its territory or in its political and economic systems. Economic and banking supervision and local/national governance to international standards is always necessary to prevent this. It is part of a new President’s responsibility to ensure that the scope for terror groups to locate in Djibouti, or have their banking deposits in Djibouti, is rigorously blocked.

Unfortunately, the current Djibouti regime, and the President with his ‘top team’ have failed to understand any of these responsibilities, and as a result the bases face rising threats which must be countered.

A new President and a new national assembly need to manage actively the factors that can bring problems associated with the presence of the bases.

More engagement between base commanders and their teams and the institutions of Djibouti is needed to broaden the relationship , so personnel at the bases feel more welcome and at ease in Djibouti. Steps are needed from the Presidency to try and achieve this.

Such steps are in the interests of Djibouti as a nation. Foreign bases and protection of the maritime routes and Djibouti’s ports and transport systems, are integral parts of the very existence of Djibouti as a modern nation-state. They are a source of stability as well as income, should the Presidency decide to work together with base commanders for mutual benefit.

However the cavalier attitude of the Presidency to security, financial integrity, and economic development, shows that these undeniable features of Djibouti as a nation, have been forgotten.

It is time to change this – peacefully, through proper free and fair election, which are recognised and accepted internationally, as sufficient to provide true legitimacy for the government.


  1. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    First I am sending here for cable of congratulation Mr Abdirahman Boreh his vision,

  2. abdourahman boreh says:

    Thank you for your kind words, our vision is based on how djibouti can progress and how its citizens can enjoy peace and prosperity and how to bestow appropriate dignity on all its citizens.

  3. Soubagleh says:

    I believe in Boreh and the time for Change has come! It’s time to realize that Prez.Geulleh must go. Djiboutians ! its all depends on you.

  4. djibtalk says:

    merci de nous donnez la chance d’avoir un apercu des plans pour l’avenir de de notre pays, mais les djiboutiennes et djiboutiens en sont-ils conscient?

  5. Diplomat101 says:

    Boreh a t-il finance un hopital,un maison de jeune,as t-il finance un projet social?
    Il n’a meme pas su assurer ses employes quand ils furent accidenter dans les differents projets.
    Le S.M.I ne les a jamais soigne et les employes qui ont bosse pour boreh ne possedent pas une retraite bien qu’ils ont contribue a la retraite.
    Boreh rackettait meme les taxes de l’OPS et de la retraite!!!!
    Un pure capitaliste et qui veut se passe pour un ange aujourd’hui.
    On aura tous vu!!!
    J’espere qu’il ne viendra pas nous rendre visite a Doraleh….

    • Fouad says:

      @ Diplomat101: Je te crois frere cependant tu devrais savoir que un businessman et un ange sont 2 especes a part, chaque compagnie a but lucratif fait tout pour dimunuer ces charges (retraite, quotisation etc), du coup ces propos ne font pas de lui un mauvais businessman. Ce que moi je propose aux djiboutien(nes) perdus dans le desespoir est de scrutiniser les 2 hommes (IOG et Borreh) sur leur visions, potentiels et ce qu’ils ont fait sans mettre notre integrite a la vente (pour Borreh) ou faire un battement de tambour egoiste (pour IOG)…

      Un peuple ne peut etre libre et prospere que s’il le desire….


      DIPLOMAT CASSE TOI D’ici ,déjà tu souilles de ta présence sur djibnet,alrs viens pas saloper içi aussi,alors du vent:

    • X says:

      Pourquoi veux-tu qu’il investit ou qu’il aide les hôpitaux Public enfin public mais on nous dit de payer nos soins , Je dirais Privé.
      Mec réveille-toi si bien-sure tu n’es pas du gouvernement.

      Il y a suffisamment d’argent pour que Borreh y pense à financer alors que ça fera réagir le peuple et l’état se retournera contre lui. Il préfère dire NON MERCI, c’est simple à comprendre. Je te laisse lire la suite.
      Je ne t’en veux pas 😉

      Voici quelque liens qui t’ouvriront mieux les yeux

      Je te souhaite une très bonne lecture réfléchit mon frère.
      Réfléchit Cher frère

      Ne cherchait pas à défendre ce que vous semblez ne pas comprendre.

  6. Samatar says:

    I fully support your vision and strategies to undertake economics, socials and political reforms in order to transform Djibouti into a rising country. Economic development is a key for a stable and prosperous country. We indeed need a new approach and ideas to make Djibouti a better place to live and prosper.

    Courage Is Contagious

  7. fahmi says:

    i am so happy to hear those plans that you propose as a djiboutien rescue for all problems that we faced durieng many, special i thankful for your work continued to image more reforms in this country and we will be elected the futur president of djibouti abdirahman boreh

  8. Gouled says:

    Avant de critiquer, diplomat 101 renseigne toi.
    Poour les soins medicaux les employes de la Soprim ete pris en charge par le cabinet medical du Dr Nicolas et Bouffard.
    Comme tu dois le savor il y a un manque de centre hospitalier et de medecin a Djibouti, et les gens qui ont les moyens vont se soigner au Yemen,Saudi,dubai,France…
    Et que fait le reste de la population ??? Merci a notre gouvernement.
    Nous voulons un changement pourquoi pas Boreh ou un autre mais plus IOG et ses disciples.

  9. hersi says:

    I think ina Omar Gelleh must understand that change is coming and
    can not be stoped. Today more than half of pouplation are brobably
    less than 30 years old and unemplyee, there is no freedom of expression, freedom of even to think something even small besiness.
    In gelleh control every thing and that is very danger.
    One of last Africa’s dectators must leave on his own or face the challenge a challenge that Djiboutian are ready.

    • abdourahman says:

      Hersi there is change in the air and soon this regime will be washed away with a wave of young patriot djiboutinnes.

  10. moustapha says:

    i appreciate the two side, i mean the opposition and the gov how they r competin each other for the good of the country . But the thing is and the main question is ,are they faithfull for the accomplishment to acheive our goal ?????? therefore up to here v can say Allah knows, but first i would like to give my vote to the need of change bcz i am sick of this gov and the prez , we on behalf of the youth of the country i am advicin our prez to leave to quit the throne do not be like other africans like bagbo thank u ……………………………..

  11. ibrahim says:

    mr boreh,,

    I do not certainly believe you are much different than I.O.G. however, I strongly believe you can improve our economic. furthermore, I would be grateful to you if you could kick out all the illegal immigrants from our country.

    my best regards,
    ibrahim isman hersi

  12. ismael omar borreh says:

    djibouti doi se defendre elle meme, en dois pa compter a notre survi par des etrnger e puis djib c pa un champ d tire …il fo metre en place un lois ki n autorisse pa aux force etranger d ne jamai bombarder ou d tire sur d coline djiboutien a moin ke c le FAD ki se entraine….vive djib

  13. nandini says:

    i love my country, and we the people need a change, i dont know if borre it s going to provide that , that about politician, they tend to tell you what you need to here, and once they get you hooked, and get to chair, their initial gain or interest is how to load reload their pokets, whilst the same people who voted for thme wondering what the happen to the promess made for them.
    i guess what is please, please fear GOD, and do whats best for the people, and not whats best for yall, and i hope that our cries, does not fall on deaf ears.

    good luck

  14. djibouti says:

    bonne annee vs ts,
    personnelement jai l’ultime convictions ke cet homm di borreh peut faire bcp, vraimen bcp pour djib, il est capable de faire djibouti la deuxieme malaisie,etcc , cest un grand commerçant depui des generations. Particulierment je l’apreci pa bcp mais je pense sincerment ke djibouti a besoin de lui, s’il veu sincermen aider cet pays , djib ira loin car il a tt les cles economik de cet pays.sil soit elu ou fai parti d’un nouvo gvernement , je lui demande de travailler pour les djiboutiens et non pas pour son prpopre comm il lavai lhabitude de faire.

    bonne fete a vous ts

  15. djibman says:

    Opposant ou otre ke vs soyer, g voudrai vs dire ke Djibouti est notre pays alor prenan soin d’elle on a nul part ou aller a vrai dire,celui ki e contre notre president ismail omar guelleh ou abdirahman charle boreh sache k vs ete Djiboutien e soyon des patriotes,chak1 a l choi d choisir ki e ki,mais le but principal e de sauver nos pauvres e notre nation d tt,l homme est inparfait dieu seul est parfait tt le monde sai cette phrase,l ‘Etat ne pe rien faire lui seul il fo k la population soi pre de l’Etat pour realise les choses sinon ns dormirons alor rien ne seras en regle,il fo kn reste uni pour tjr,moi personnellement g ss ni pour le gouvernement actuelle ni pour les prochain (nouveau),

    k dieu soi avk nous e ns protege de tt mal dans cet vi e haut dela.aminnnn mes cher(e) freres e soeur bye

  16. Moudj says:

    Mr Boreh ,if you think that you are the right person for that place ,being president of Djibouti-Why you don’t talk to Djiboutians in order to explain your political vision-b/c of your words (Djiboutians are lazies)most the djiboutians think that you don’t deserve to be a leader-
    Go, in front of them and tell this was untrue and made Djiboutians government to destroy me-


  17. Houmad says:

    my dear Moudj mr Boreh is diong his best to inform djiboutienes through deferent method and he is on top of things and there is awerness today more then ever.

    we need him more then ever to fix the economy not the police work to interfere in the private lifes of our people.

  18. SAID says:

    if boreh is Campaigning for revage he should not expect the support of the people but if he is campaigning to bring change he will get support of population and god ALLAH.

  19. djibril says:

    vive la révolution…

    • Mohamoud Ismail says:

      Ismail Omer Gueleh is planning Unfree and Unfair Elections with the only possible outcome of him being returned with overwhelming majority by any means. Will the citizens of Djibouti accept this or will they rise with rage to topple as other Dictators in the Arab and Moslem World are experiencing. A first demand of the citizens is for Gueleh not to be allowed to stand for a third term by demand of popular uprising as he has hijacked the constitution.

      Citizens of Djibouti start the debate how to topple this cruel, corrupt and greedy Dictator not how to acquiesce in corrupt elections.

  20. med says:

    i dont believe to those guys whos in other country , if u guys love djibouti, u must come and defend it for ur people otherwise stay there with ur family , dont come back , because we trust our excenlensy the president of the republic of djibouti MR ISMAEL OMAR GUELLEH ,we believe him , he did everything to our country , u guys have tribal stuff , but this country is for afar and issa ,the issa cant live in djibouti without afar , its same for the afar we can tlive without moumassan ,boreh was in RPP ,ismael guedi was in RPP,aden robleh was in RPP ,those guys needed a sit from iog to become minister stuff , but after he refused them the said they re against him .NO NEED FOR PEOPLE LIKE U GUYS IN DJIB WHO NEED MORE MONEY ,ENOUGH .WE DJIBOUTIAN SUPPORT IOG,

  21. Houmad says:

    Regardless of our hero Abdurahman Boreh your actual president is gone, he and his family cost the poor djiboutinnes 30% of the national budget it is costing you a lot of MONEY MONEY my little djiboutinne friened just look around you. his official salary is less then 8000 us dollars. FROM WHERE DID HIS WEALTH COME FROM?? FAMILY INHERITANCE???? MAY BE.IF HE IS GONE YOU CAN CREATE JOBS FOR 100 000 DJIBOUTINNES FROM THE SAVINGS WHEN HE IS GONE. SO WHAT DO YOU WANT?

  22. ali abdi says:

    arrete les conneries on te connais tres bien qui tu pour nous racontes ces bla -bla .
    franchement vous etes dans le meme bateau alors arrete de nous hypnotise .

  23. STAG says:

    Madame, Monsieur, malheureusement le gouvernement va avoir un trou dans ses caisses, il est prévu le départ de la France et des Américains, avec fermeture de l’hôpital militaire Français, qui aura servit longtemps a soigner les civils Djiboutiens. Maintenant, peut-être que le prochain Président, saura rattraper cette décision. Monsieur IOG, ayant apparemment une dent contre les USA. Bref, les élections arrivent et tout peut changer, avec Monsieur Warsama Ragueh, il a de meilleurs relations Internationales que IOG. Inch’Allah

  24. bahga says:

    on va convrais inch allah boreh

  25. Fozia Hassan says:

    A la rentrée de Septembre, on organisera une très Grande Manifestation avec Les Jeunes de l’Université de Djibouti.

    • Abdourahman says:

      Bravo, on a vu l’action, les choses on pas mal bouger au Pays, finalement on voit la Lumière dans notre Coeur qui s’allume et la liberté.

      IOG la Super Star de la Hip Hop avec ses Grandes Lunettes et sa Hummer va tailler la Route, comme Zinga Zinga.

      Vive Djibouti, le Peuple Djiboutien et les Mouvements Pro Démocratie.

  26. N hesitez pas a joindre et partagez vos commentaire sur mon page de facebook

    Djibouti Revolution :

  27. A citizen says:

    Why shall we believe you Mr Boreh now!!!! you’ve been in the country and have been the best friend of our current president, are you changing position because things didnt go the way you wanted? Talk is cheap my friend bring some credibility to trust you because your CV doesnt show that much. It shows things you have done for your lucrative business being a shareholder of djibouti DP world and all, but what have you done for the people while you were in djibouti, rolling in cash?
    See being a president is to give, not to take and with your businessman background i dont think you have that quality, period!

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