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European Parliament makes important intervention on Djibouti

Friday 5 July 2013 | News | Comments: 0

The European Parliament has passed an important resolution on Djibouti that further underlines the growing level of international pressure upon the Guelleh regime at a time of oppression, repression and human rights abuse in Djibouti.

The resolution, brought to the Parliament by a cross-party coalition of MEPs, led by Marielle de Sarnez and José Ignacio Salafranca Sánchez-Neyra, calls the Guelleh regime to account on the hugely concerning situation in Djibouti following legislative elections on 22 February; the tense political climate in the country; the mass arrests of USN members; violent suppression of demonstrations held to protest about irregularities in the elections; and assaults on the freedom of the media.

The European Parliament has followed the US State Department’s intervention in late April for the release of political prisoners, the publication of results from each polling station used in the 22 February election; and for the government to halt collusion on sexual violence against women.

In addition, the European Parliament has called on the regime, with the aid of institutions which validated the results of the election, in particular the African Union, to embark on a process of political dialogue with the opposition, in accordance with the announcement made by Guelleh on 27 June; and calls on the EU to support the work of regional organisations and contribute to the efforts to find a political solution to the crisis.

The full resolution can be read here.

You can view the debate on Djibouti in the European Parliament here.

Abdourahman Boreh, Special Delegate for Global Affairs for the Union Pour Le Salut National said:

“We wholeheartedly welcome this significant intervention from the European Parliament. At this dark time of political oppression, violence and human rights abuse, the need for support from our international partners is absolute.

“We welcome the European Parliament’s call for the Guelleh regime to enter into dialogue with the USN.

“But let it be made clear: whilst many of our fellow USN activists remain imprisoned in subhuman conditions, free and fair dialogue cannot take place.

“In particular the reimprisonment of Daher Ahmed Farah, the USN’s spokesperson, last weekend, is an assault on justice and human dignity, and reveals the true, barbaric face of the Guelleh regime.

“We now call on the High Representative, Catherine Ashton, to exert greater pressure on the Guelleh regime to ensure that the USN and the international community’s calls for the release of political prisoners, the halting of violence and an end to all forms of human rights abuse are met with swift and effective action.”


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