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Video on IBTimes TV- Djibouti Trade Dream: Reforms and Reproach

Tuesday 14 May 2013 | News | Comments: 0

An excellent video has been placed on IBTimes which addresses trade and investment in Djibouti. With footage from the UK-Djibouti Trade & Investment Forum, the film includes interviews with USN representatives, footage of the peaceful demonstrations, as well as an interview Djibouti’s economy and finance minister Ilyas Dawaleh.

This film begins to address some of the key concerns of the USN, namely the allegations of fraud and unjustified imprisonment by the Djibouti government. The journalist places doubt on the ability of the current regime, stating that the USN and wider Djibouti population remain unconvinced by the government’s claim that it is pursuing democracy.

The video and accompanying article is copied in full below:

Djibouti Trade Dream: Reforms and Reproach

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Djibouti is on a mission – a trade mission – in the UK. The small Horn of Africa state wants British investment to help build up its economy.

It sits in a strategically important point at the mouth of the Red Sea. Two thirds of the world’s commercial shipping fleet sails through its waters.

All is not well, however, and concerns over political stability lurked over the Djibouti government’s shoulder on its visit to London.

IBTimes UK spoke to Djibouti’s economy and finance minister Ilyas Dawaleh and the protesters gathered outside the trade forum.

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