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Reporters Without Borders calls for the release of Maydaneh Abdallah Okieh

Wednesday 29 May 2013 | News | Comments: 0

Maydaneh Abdallah Okieh, a technician responsible for the news website La Voix de Djibouti, has been detained in Djibouti since 15 May. The charges are the result of Okieh posting photographs on his Facebook page of the Djibouti police using excessive force to disperse a peaceful demonstration.

Reporters Without Borders, a non-profit organisation which defends the freedoms to be informed and to inform others throughout the world, has called for the release of Maydaneh Abdallah Okieh. They have declared the charges against him as baseless, demanding his immediate release and the withdrawal of all charges against him.

Okieh was arrested at his home in Djibouti, before spending four days in police custody and later transferred to Gadobe prison under a court detention order. He is due in court on 30th May on the charges of “insulting a police officer”. Reporters Without Borders have exposed the inhuman and degrading treatment that Okieh has been subjected to whilst imprisoned, describing the conditions as extreme and barbaric.

Reporters Without Borders have described Okieh’s arrest as “a sign of the regime’s paranoia”.

Mr Abdourahman Boreh said:

“The USN stands beside Reporters Without Borders in calling for the immediate release of Maydaneh Abdallah Okieh. He is an example of one of the many political prisoners currently being unlawfully detained and it is time the Djibouti government listens and takes action”.

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