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BBC interviews with Abdourahman Boreh and President Guelleh

Wednesday 15 May 2013 | News | Comments: 0

On 9th May 2013, a series of interviews were broadcast across the BBC with Abdourahman Boreh and President Guelleh. Clippings of each recording can be found below.

This is a significant move by the BBC as the interviews highlight and emphasise the widespread issues in Djibouti. Both Abdourahman Boreh and President Guelleh are given a platform to discuss the situation in the country.

Or particular significance is the interview with President Guelleh where the BBC presenter probes him on some of the key concerns of the USN, namely the extensive human rights abuses. His replies are not convincing, even laughing in some of his responses. The problems in Djibouti are far from laughable and President Guelleh fails to acknowledge the true extent of the situation in this interview.

Abdourahman Boreh clearly states that the USN is looking for a peaceful transition of power in order to achieve democracy.

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