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A great week for the USN

Friday 10 May 2013 | News | Comments: 0

This past week has been a triumph for the USN, with real positive progress made towards the goal of democracy in Djibouti.

Demonstrations were held in central London on Tuesday and Wednesday in response to the Somalia Conference and the UK-Djibouti Trade & Investment Forum, which saw President Guelleh visit the UK capital. Whilst Guelleh assumed business as usual in discussing foreign direct investment from UK firms in Djibouti, the USN sought to spotlight the deteriorating situation in the country, calling on the UK government to address the major political and humanitarian abuses currently taking place. With over 500 USN supporters in attendance, it was hard to ignore the calls from the USN to the international community.

Interventions in the international media have also built momentum. Articles in both The Times and Le Figaro this week have provided exposure and support for the USN, with the journalist at Le Figaro particularly casting doubt on the ability of the current regime to support the needs of the Djiboutian people. BBC Somalia also broadcast a hugely influential piece that saw both President Guelleh and Abdourahman Boreh go head to head, showcasing the USN as the credible movement that it is. This piece, broadcast throughout the Horn of Africa region, was heard by the people on the ground in Djibouti, the people in most need.

USN representatives continued to engage with multiple political stakeholders during high level meetings this week. They received considerable support and solidarity from diplomats on behalf of the Djibouti people.

The overwhelmingly positive response received from key international stakeholders emphasises the critical importance of the USN’s movement. Plans to engage further with the NGO community will add to this momentum.

Going forward, the USN will continue to fight against human rights abuses in Djibouti in the name of democratic change.

Mr Abdourahman Boreh said:

“This week has been hugely encouraging for the USN but also the future of Djibouti as a whole. We will continue to pursue the channels which are available to ensure a prosperous future for Djibouti.”

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