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Open letter to the Editor of La Nation

Monday 15 April 2013 | News | Comments: 1

Dear Sir

Further to an article published in your newspaper regarding the legal proceedings brought by the Government of Djibouti against my name on 10 April 2013, I maintain that while I am unable to comment on the specifics of the proceedings under judicial review, my position is clear: this is a politically motivated case.

Let us not become distracted from the major issue at hand: the plight of the people of Djibouti under the current regime.

I refer you to numerous reports regarding the critical political situation in Djibouti, as outlined by a range of international organisations – including FIDH, Amnesty International, Rapporteurs Sans Frontieres – and the US Department of State. These include detailed analyses of the continuing human rights abuses being perpetrated against opposition leaders, high levels of politically motivated corruption and a lack of freedom of speech and free movement of the media.

The situation in Djibouti must not go unnoticed and unmonitored. The people of Djibouti, my fellow countrymen and women, deserve a better future.

I will continue to vocally support the political alternative until justice, dignity and democracy reach the people of Djibouti, and ask the international community and its leaders to support this call to action.

Yours sincerely

Abdourahman Boreh


  1. mohamedabdillahi says:

    Vive boreh

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