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Heavy rains uproot Djibouti

Wednesday 27 March 2013 | News | Comments: 0

Since Saturday 23 March, heavy rains have hit Djibouti. Many people are suffering as a result of widespread flooding. Torrential rains have paralyzed the city of Djibouti where electricity sources have been cut and schools evacuated. Almost all districts of the city were flooded, with the river between the main city and the suburbs of Balbala blocked on both sides.

Reports from the ground have stated that the government has not shown any help for the Djiboutian people and that seven policy officers have died in the flood.

This conflicts with media sources which have reported that the government has actively responded to the situation, suggesting a lack of transparent reporting on the situation.

Mr Abdourahman Boreh said:

“Many people are currently in desperate need due to extreme rain in Djibouti. The lack of response from the government exemplifies their lack of concern for their own people.”

Reports have also emerged suggesting that during the last visit of human rights observers in Djibouti, they were denied access to meet prisoners or visit Nagad, the place where many innocent people were detained. Observers were not allowed to move freely to talk with people staying in Balbala or the poorer areas of the city.

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