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First public meeting of the new Djiboutian government boycotted

Thursday 28 March 2013 | News | Comments: 0

The first public meeting of the new Djiboutian Parliament on Wednesday 27 March was boycotted by members of the USN, the Djiboutian opposition party.

This political intervention is part of a series of activities that have taken place since legislative elections in Djibouti on 22 February 2013. The USN contested the election results announced by Constitutional Council and reject the new legislature.

High profile arrests and imprisonments of opposition leaders, most notably Daher Ahmed Farah, the USN’s chief spokesperson, have marked the post-election period. International human rights groups have vocally called for international intervention to end the violence and repression in the country.

Mr Abdourahman Boreh said:

“The boycott which took place yesterday shows that the USN will not offer legitimacy to the UMP government. They are actively rejecting President’s Guelleh’s attempts to create yet another sham democracy and refusing to accept the outcome of the recent elections. The enthusiasm, energy and political ambitions of the USN movement are going from strength to strength.”

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