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Demonstration against Serious Human Rights Violations in Djibouti

Thursday 21 March 2013 | News | Comments: 0

On 20 March, a demonstration took place outside the Houses of Parliament in central London. The USN-UK Support Committee, Friends of Djibouti Association and Djibouti Community called upon human rights organisations and freedom lovers to participate in the event.

The objective of the demonstration was to request the release of the Djiboutian intellectuals, opposition leaders of USN (Union for National Salvation) and all political prisoners currently in Djibouti.

The demonstration aimed to denounce:

• The massive fraud in the Djiboutian parliamentary election of the 22 February 2013
• The intimidations, arbitrary arrests, illegal detentions, politically motivated prosecutions and imprisonments of the Djiboutian intellectuals, opposition leaders and supporters and human rights activists
• The use of brutal force against the Djiboutian peaceful demonstrators
• The violation of the human rights and freedom of expression in Djibouti

Drawing over 100 demonstrators from across the UK, the demonstration echoed the call for freedom, democracy and justice in Djibouti.





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