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Semblance of reform changes nothing in Djibouti

Thursday 18 October 2012 | News | Comments: 0

Focus on the Horn reports on the Djibouti government’s sham reforms, which offer no improvement in living conditions or democracy for the Djibouti people.

The RPP is prepared to further reinforce its capacity and visibility rather than preparing itself for the opening of political space in Djibouti. The much-discussed reforms are not seen as honest reform and a sign of readiness to change, but as a semblance of reform that has instigated an internal reshuffle without questioning the status quo of the Guelleh family and the RPP in Djibouti… For a country as small as Djibouti, adopting a strategy of reform that entails no actual reform will not be easy, especially when the Horn of Africa and surrounding regions have been engulfed in political reform.

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