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Djibouti is a “fragile state” – African Development Bank

Wednesday 14 September 2011 | News | Comments: 0

Covering a new African Development Bank report on Djibouti, the Indian Ocean Newsletter says:

According to this analysis, the flaws in State governance, particularly concerning management of the public sector, is the main cause of the “structural and massive nature of the poverty” in Djibouti, which hits nearly three quarters of the population…

As for political governance, the ADB document on Djibouti describes an executive that is “concentrated”, raises the “problem of the independence of judiciary power from the executive” and “weaknesses in the preparation, execution and monitoring of the budget”, particularly in public procurement markets (51% in 2009) using “non-competitive procedures”.

You can read the newsletter’s full report here [£].

In response, Abdourahman Boreh has written this letter to the African Development Bank, stressing the importance of improving governance in Djibouti.

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