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The Economist tells Western government to pay attention to Djibouti

Friday 15 April 2011 | News | Comments: 0

The Economist reports:

The Economist logoResults from the election on April 8th were swift and predictable: President Ismail Guelleh of the People’s Rally for Progress, who has ruled since 1999 (when he took over from his uncle), was re-elected by a landslide…

Closer examination reveals a less serene picture. Mr Guelleh’s victory came in the face of weak opposition with only one candidate, an independent, standing against him. Last year, he forced through constitutional changes to allow himself a third six-year term in office. Opposition groups had called for a boycott of the election after the suppression in February of Middle-East-inspired protests, partly provoked Djibouti’s high rate of unemployment, in which two people were killed. In early March, the president kicked a team of international election observers out of the country…

With the likes of Human Rights Watch lining up to condemn Mr Guelleh, and after the collapse of friendly regimes in the Middle East, the West may want to take a bit more interest in the actions of one of its few allies in a no less volatile and equally vital region further south too.

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