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Djibouti government blocks independent election monitors

Monday 14 March 2011 | News | Comments: 0

The Financial Times reports,

Financial Times logoDjibouti has told the United States that an independent election observer mission is “illegal” and suspended its partnership with the US-funded mission…

Democracy International (DI), which has a $2.2m, eight-man team in the tiny strategic state, provides the only international technical assistance and observation group in the country, which has been ruled by the same dynasty since independence.

The increasing visibility of the Djibouti’s anti-democratic leanings is awkward for the US, which relies on the country for its only military base on the continent and last year doubled aid to the country, funding DI’s Djibouti operation.

The full story about the Djibouti government blocking independent election monitors is on the FT’s website.

Bloomberg adds,

Calls today to Interior Minister Yacin Elmi Bouh, Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Yousef, Director of Communications Moussa Mohamed Omar and Communications Minister Ali Abdi Farah seeking comment weren’t answered.

A presidential vote is scheduled to be held on April 8 in Djibouti, which has been ruled by President Ismael Guelleh’s People’s Rally for Progress party since independence in 1977. Guelleh, first elected in 1999, amended the constitution in March 2010 to allow him to extend his rule by two more six-year terms.

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