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Djiboutians rally to oust president Ismail Omar Guelleh

Sunday 20 February 2011 | News | Comments: 1

Al Jazeera has been covering the rising tide of protests in Djibouti against president Ismail Omar Guelleh’s rule:

Al Jazeera coverage of Djibouti protestsAmid a tight police deployment, the demonstrators gathered at a stadium on Friday with the intention of staying there until their demands were met.

But the demonstration escalated into clashes after dusk, as authorities used batons and tear gas against stone-throwing protesters.

Guelleh has served two terms and faces an election in April, but critics are concerned by changes he made to the constitution last year that scrapped a two-term limit.

Officials from the Union for Democratic Change, an umbrella group of three opposition parties, gave speeches at Friday’s demonstration calling for Guelleh to step down.

The full story about the protests against president Ismail Omar Guelleh is here.


  1. STAG says:

    Madame, Monsieur, la seule manière de sanctionner IOG, ce sera de voter massivement pour le seul candidat potentiel, Monsieur Warsama Ragueh, qui incarne le changement et l’espoir de jours meilleurs pour l’ensemble des Djiboutiens. Monsieur Warsama, a élaboré un programme de sortie de crise sans équivoque avec la politique actuelle de IOG. Priorité au peuple Djiboutien, dans le soucis de tout mettre en œuvre pour rétablir l’Unité Nationale, assurer le développement économique et social.

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