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Tunisian uprising raises spectre of Djiboutian revolt

Wednesday 19 January 2011 | News | Comments: 3

Djibouti protest crowdThe trigger for the uprising in Tunisia was a desperate and desparaing protester setting himself alight after his only means of making a living – a vegetable street stall – was confiscated by a government which places ‘control’ above economic development.

In Djibouti too a protester set himself on fire in front of the Presidential Palace following the death of his daughter from starvation.

Political demonstrations have become commonplace in Djibouti – protests about the President changing the constitution so he can stand again in another rigged election in April this year, and protests about poverty and poor living conditions.

Prospective presidential candidate Abdourahman Boreh said, “Political change is necessary for economic development and civil peace in Djibouti. The President denies to the press that there are anti-government demonstrations, but there is plenty of evidence from political parties that the wave of protest is growing and spreading”.

Movie clips from opposition group UAD have been published which seem to contradict the President’s claims that there is no unrest:


  1. Getachew says:

    Dear Djiboutian:

    You are quite different from the Arabs. You need to talk in a very civilized manner than revolting against peace and stability of the Horn of Africa. Think very thorougly before things getting worse.

  2. ILTIREH says:

    redonne de la chaleur au coeur de voir
    que mon peuple se bouge
    djibouti et le peuples djiboutiens ont besoin d’un changement
    mettre fin a la domination de cette famille de fou
    iog doit degager et surtout les faire payer tout ce qu’ils ont pris au peuple djiboutien
    la femme d’iog est pire la pute du pouvoir tunisien

  3. Harper says:

    There is change on its way. The fact that this so called president thinks he can stand tall for longer, is very amusing. Thankfully he isn’t aware of his sad up and coming outcome.

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