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Djibouti Presidential aspirant comments on Somali food crisis

Friday 31 December 2010 | News | Comments: 0

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s Food Security Analysis Unit reported last week that the food security situation in Somalia is worsening due to the ‘unusually below average’ rainfall in the African state.

Decreased food production, leading to higher food prices, is expected to increase the number of food insecure Somalis in early 2011.

Abdourahman Boreh, Presidential aspirant for the upcoming 2011 elections said today,

“The Djibouti government is not doing enough to accelerate and help coordinate international efforts to relieve to food shortages in different parts of Somalia after the poor Deyr rains.”

He added, “There is a need to coordinate better international resources to help the starving, and prevent yet another wave of refugees from across the region. The time to act is now. Steps need to be taken in Djibouti to establish a special fast track unit to save the lives of thousands. Inefficiency and corruption in Djibouti will cost lives.”

Every year the November and December rains support local agriculture across Somalia and South Eastern Ethiopia, but the rains have been inadequate.

“If elected in April 2011 I will ensure a better coordinated aid effort from the Djibouti side and help make sure that more starvation and another wave of refugees does not increase suffering in the Horn of Africa.”

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