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Djibouti 22:41 covers Boreh’s Presidential bid

Wednesday 29 December 2010 | News | Comments: 0


Abdourahman Boreh, Djibouti’s prominent businessman-cum-politician, announced his candidacy for the top political position in the country, last week.

Although Boreh has been contemplating entering politics ever since he went into self-exile in 2009, last week was his first official announcement of his intent to challenge Ismael Omar Guelleh, his former ally, in the presidential election scheduled for April 2011…

“Given my unifying plan, my steps to reduce tensions over the [military] bases, and my programme to improve relations with neighbouring countries, I am confident that the current president will have no choice but to allow a free and fair election.”

He is talking to the international community to put pressure on Djibouti’s government in order for the electoral officials to accept his candidacy for the presidency, Boreh said. He wants countries in the region to put pressure on the government to “ensure fair play” in the election.

You can read the full story here.

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